Simple and Easy Addictive Game to play Online


People of all age groups would love to play games as playing games is the only entertaining activity where people can completely involve themselves and based on their interests there are a variety of games to choose from too. After the advent of Computers and Internet, there came up so much of games for people with a lot of opportunities to enjoy new and varied gaming experiences.

Among all kinds of Games, those that involve numbers and tricks are always looked upon for play for smart people. In that series, Keno is one of the popular games which is more than just a car and number game which can be played both in real time as well as over online. It is incredibly simple to learn the rules and play. In this, a Keno card is used for the game in which it is numbered 1 to 80 arranged as 8 rows of 10 numbers. The players mark off anyone number between 1 to 20 on the card. After the marking in the card, drawing occurs. Some casinos may limit the numbers selected as 1 to 10, 1 to 12, or 1 to 15 or any other numbers. Players are paid as per the casino‘s pay table. If you are curious to play Keno, then it is a great way to play a free Flash Keno game online.