Modal dialog in VisualForce page using Jquery

{!$Label.GW_Volunteers__labelReturnToCalendar}     null}” > {!$ObjectType.Contact.Fields.Volunteer_Skills__c.Label}: null}” > , var x = JobShiftDateTimeString(‘{!shift.Start_Date_Time__c}’, ‘{!shift.Duration__c}’); OpenSignUpDlg(‘{!job.Id}’, ‘{!shift.Id}’, ‘{!JSENCODE(job.Name)}’, x); return false;” >{!$Label.labelLinkSignUp}   {!$Label.GW_Volunteers__labelReturnToCalendar} styleClass=”{!IF(f.Type == ‘Long Text Area’, ‘cssInputFields cssTextArea’, ‘cssInputFields’)}” /> styleClass=”{!IF(f.Type == ‘Long Text Area’, ‘cssInputFields cssTextArea’, ‘cssInputFields’)}” /> immediate=”false” status=”statusSignUp” /> {!$Label.labelVolunteerSignupThankYou}

Hierarchy in VisualForce

Hierarchy in VisualForce is an interesting feature unique to VisualForce This is an example of how to build a hierarchy Lists in VF page with select checkboxes. It will have a checkbox at parent level with which you can select all the child automatically. It has a neat link with which you can show or

Javascript to select all checkboxes in visualforce page

  I needed to develop a custom visualForce page which would hold a page block table which would contain a checkbox and details of a custom object based on which user can select and click on buttons to perform some operations.     I wrapped the custom object record and check box in a wrapper […]