Object sharing using Email approval in Salesforce

This solution gives record access to a Salesforce user via email approval. Here we are providing access to the Accounts but this can be generalized for any standard or custom object.  In order to grant access to the Account, an approval workflow request would be sent to the record owner and upon approval Apex code […]

How to create RowID in Tables : Here is the Code or Script Code for ID creation

If you are looking for to How to create RowID in Tables : Here is the Code or Script Code for ID creation, Find below a simple Script or Code for generating Row ID or Record ID in Tables for Salesforce public void viewTracking(){ if(trackingRow != null){ list rowId = trackingRow.split(‘:’); if(rowId.size() >1){ //system.debug(‘***’+ integer.valueof(rowId[(rowId.size()-2)])); Tracking […]

Hierarchy in VisualForce

Hierarchy in VisualForce is an interesting feature unique to VisualForce This is an example of how to build a hierarchy Lists in VF page with select checkboxes. It will have a checkbox at parent level with which you can select all the child automatically. It has a neat link with which you can show or

SFDC API 24.0 test failure issue

Yesterday I was experiencing a weird issue. My SFDC API Test Failed.For a new requirement we did development in our DEV environment…We wrote new test methods and we thought the work is done :)… However, there were Null Pointer Exceptionswhen we ran the test methods. And it was pointing to the custom settings….we doubled checked […]

Cool links for SFDC Salesforce.com Tools and Best practices

I was going through the Best practices for force.com and Trigger template. It will be really helpful if we could follow it in our code.You can also find lots of interesting tools for salesforce.com here. Found this awesome IDE and data loader on the cloud !!! – Workbench . I would have loved to have metadata export on this. […]